[Mailman-Users] big list, postfix, SMTPDirect fails

Fil fil at bok.net
Thu May 11 17:53:01 CEST 2000

Unfortunately my mailman/postfix install does not function properly for big
lists. The file in postfix/incoming is cut in the middle at the same very
precise point (in bytes) each time.

-rw-------   1 postfix  postfix     40960 May 11 17:40 incoming/9414BD90B2

The file is not even cut in between two addresses, but rather in the middle
of an address.

the logs/debug is stuck at:
May 11 17:46:30 2000 (11972) starting SMTPDirect

/var/log/mail.info does not know of it -- postfix waits for
command_time_limit to realise that the process is dead.

Anyone has a hint?

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