[Mailman-Users] Some notes on mailman...

Chuq Von Rospach chuqui at plaidworks.com
Thu May 18 08:01:25 CEST 2000

At 10:00 AM +0200 5/17/2000, Fil wrote:

>  > MIME content, not to reject it. If we have a case that requires
>>  plain-text, there are de-mime scripts that can front-end the server
>>  address and strip a MIME message to the text part.
>Can you point to a good one ?

Here's one (in perl) that works well:


>  > 3) no -subscribe or -unsubscribe address. Priority: low. Majordomo
>>  didn't do that, either, it was all my custom scripting. I can add
>>  that in again.
>I've hacked this as follows : in /etc/aliases, add

ooh. using procmail. I hadn't thought of that. Very nice. Thanks!

>Thanks for your text. I think you might consider this one also : when a
>message needs moderation, having the server send a copy of the message to
>the admins would be o so great.

I like this; in fact, I'd go a bit further. include the message, and 
an approval cookie. The admin can then e-mail back the approval 
cookie (and optionally a modified version of the message), or the 
cookie back with a reject code. that way, the moderation (with 
message cleanup) could be done purely via e-mail, which (IMHO) isn't 
as easy as web, but sometimes more convenient, or at least faster. 
Not everyone has browsers available 100% of the time, although we're 
getting closer.

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