[Mailman-Users] adding users to a private list with no confirmation..

Mark Roedel roedelm at letu.edu
Thu May 18 22:49:51 CEST 2000

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> Subject: [Mailman-Users] adding users to a private list with no
> confirmation..
> ive got a list of several thousand emails.. i need to send..
> i installed mailman and its working.. but then in the Privacy
> Options menu it lists What steps are required for subscription?
> it says i *need* a confirmation.. how could i add members to a
> list.. but not have to make them confirm the addition to the
> list..

Assuming you're the list admin, you can add them using the "Membership
Management" screen.

If you want to be particularly stealthy, you can even tell it "no" on the
"Send a welcome message to this batch?" question, and they won't even
receive a notice that they've been added.

If shell-prompt access is available, you can do the same thing using
add_members in your MailMan bin directory.

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