[Mailman-Users] listinfo is slow

Webmaster webmaster at virtualbungalow.com
Fri May 26 05:52:53 CEST 2000

i was just going to ask the same question.....
when its sending out the mail i cant get to the admin or the listinfo and
option page,this is bad especially if people want to unsubscribe.im using
version 1.0 320 ram redhat 6.0 pentium 2 400,sendmail 8.93.

-While I'm on the horn: at what version does listinfo become usable for
-large sites?  It takes minutes to list all my lists.  This has been
-reported before, and fixes were discussed, but I'm not sure whether
-they've been done, or whether they will soon, or what.
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                   [Mailman-Users] listinfo is slow

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