[Mailman-Users] wrapper error

Christoph Krempe ck at ub.fu-berlin.de
Fri May 26 16:18:24 CEST 2000

I just installed mailman together with exim as MTA under Linux, 
configuring mm as described in www.exim.org/howto/mailman.html
exim is running under uid=exim, gid=exim, mailman is configured with 
MAILMAN_UID=exim, MAILMAN_GID=exim in the exim configuration.
When I post to a new list created with ./newlist I get the error message

Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 15:59:47 +0200
From: Mail Delivery System <Mailer-Daemon at hal.ub.fu-berlin.de>
Subject: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
Sender: Mail Delivery System <Mailer-Daemon at hal.ub.fu-berlin.de>
To: ck at ub.fu-berlin.de
Reply-To: Mail Delivery System <Mailer-Daemon at hal.ub.fu-berlin.de>
Message-ID: <E12vKeR-0007xY-00 at hal.ub.fu-berlin.de>

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. The following address(es) failed:

  test at hal.ub.fu-berlin.de:
    generated |/home/mailman/mail/wrapper post test:
    Child process of address_pipe transport returned 2 from command:

------ This is a copy of the message, including all the headers. ------

/etc/aliases looks like

# Liste "test"
test:                    "|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper post test"
test-admin:              "|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper mailowner test"
test-request:            "|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper mailcmd test"
test-owner:              test-admin

the section in exim configuration

  driver = pipe
  user = exim
  group = exim


        driver = pipe
        command = MAILMAN_WRAP post ${lc:$local_part}
        current_directory = MAILMAN_HOME
        home_directory = MAILMAN_HOME
        user = MAILMAN_UID
        group = MAILMAN_GID

In /var/log/exim_mainlog I get

2000-05-26 15:59:47 12vKeR-0007xT-00 <= ck at ub.fu-berlin.de 
	H=(golem.ub.fu-berlin.de) [] U=root P=smtp
	S=734 id=392E834E.240A3C16 at ub.fu-berlin.de
2000-05-26 15:59:47 12vKeR-0007xT-00 ** |/home/mailman/mail/wrapper 
	post test <test at hal.ub.fu-berlin.de> D=system_
	aliases T=address_pipe: Child process of address_pipe transport
	returned 2 from command: /home/mailman/mail/wrapper

What's wrong there? What does return code 2 mean?


Gruß Ch. Krempe

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