[Mailman-Users] wrapper error

mackay at kodak.com mackay at kodak.com
Fri May 26 16:27:14 CEST 2000

From: Scott D. MacKay

This is already a running thread on mailman configuration, I believe
(slight variation).
Make sure your '--with-mail-gid' configure flag is set correctly.  The
wrapper checks the invokers GID and dies with code 2 if it does not match
(exit code 2 is GID MISMATCH or something from mailman).
Sendmail sees it and passes it back to you.  The GID MUST be the GID of the
mail process.  If you enabled syslog, it should be logged (check the
archive list on my previous post, think it is mail.err or something).  That
will be the biggie, checking the output of the syslog to see what GID
REALLY is being used by the invoker.

For those that had the problem, please let me know if changing the
--with-mail-gid worked or not, ty )


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