[Mailman-Users] ListServe/Majordomo/MailMan

Herman Knief hknief at auctionwatch.com
Fri May 26 18:09:13 CEST 2000

>From what I've seen with Majordomo and Mailman (and I run a pretty big list)
- Mailman is about 30% more efficient than Majordomo.  I have no direct
experience with ListServ.  I can tell you that I recently had to split my
list into pieces and create an umbrella list.  That has reduced the overall
load substantially (although it does make management a little more
difficult.)  The biggest change in performance that I was able to achieve
had nothing to do with the list manager, but the MTA.  I switched from
sendmail to postfix and watched my load average on a dual 550 MHz PIII drop
from 30 to 8 during an average mailing.

 - Herman 

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>Hi all,
>	It would be great if anyone has any statitics that shows
>differencs of machine load with the above lists managers. we 
>currently are
>running Major and ListServer, Really want to dump both and go 
>to Mailman,
>however we have to deal with "politics" were quote "just because it is
>open source and free doesnt mean that it is good"
>so any help to have a stronger case, I would be grateful
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