[Mailman-Users] Member adress in instead of the list adress

Markus Keller OrcaSoft m.keller at orcasoft.ch
Sat May 27 12:52:00 CEST 2000

Hi List

I'm using Mailman V 1.1 and it is a fine programm. Now I have a little
problem with the adress of the members in a list. If I send a message to the
list, the members can only see the adress of the list in the head of the
message (to: listname at domain.com). Certain members have more than one adress
and now they can't unsubscribe because they don't know the right adress. Is
there a way to replace the adress of the list with the adress of the
recipient or - if not - can I add the adress of the member at the foot of
the message or somewhere else?


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