[Mailman-Users] Problem archiving Japanese messages

Akira Tagata tagata at rand.co.jp
Tue May 30 10:07:56 CEST 2000

I have started to use Mailman v1.1 with exim on Debian GNU/Linux 2.1.

On an archived message from our Japanese mail messages must be converted
into the Extended Unix Code (EUC) from the ordinary transporting Japanese
text (JIS).  Indeed I have had some problems to archive my test message
in Japanese.

So I have tried to insert a filter which convert JIS to EUC before post
by the wrapper.  And Mailman works fine.

  One Japanese charater needs two 7 bit code within the special
  quotation in JIS, and I understood that scanning JIS code to convert
  to HTML text may mistake.  But in EUC one character needs two 8
  bit code.

But the posted message from this test mailing list have delivered in
EUC.  The Japanese mail messages must be written in JIS.

I need to know where and/or how I insert this filter(*) in the Mailman.
Probably it will be before scanning the message to convert to HTML text
for archiving the posted message.

  (*)The filter named nkf can also convert mime headers

Please give me any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Akira Tagata <tagata at rand.co.jp>
R&D Computer Co., Ltd. / Tokyo

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