[Mailman-Users] listname.mbox file missing From lines, archiving doesn't work

KORN Andras korn at chardonnay.math.bme.hu
Tue May 30 18:57:33 CEST 2000


I'm not subscribed to the list, so please cc: all messages to me at
<korn at math.bme.hu>. Thanks.

My problem is that all my lists' archive index.html files only contain the
text 'currently, there are no archives'. Archiving is turned on and switched
to public. The permissions are right (timestamps do change).

I believe this may have to do with the fact that _all_ messages in the mbox
file lack the preceding From line (they start with Received: lines).

Using the perl script Doug Hughes posted earlier to add missing From lines
is not an option (I'd have to run it each time a new message arrives).

I use qmail. Maybe that has something to do with the problem? What can I do
to remedy the situation?

My mailman version is 2.0beta2, but as I've been having these difficulties
since 0.99 or so, the version number does seem to be irrelevant. A similar
problem was reported to the list in March 1999, but no one was able to come
up with a solution that I could see.


            Andrew Korn (Korn Andras) <korn at chardonnay.math.bme.hu>
             Finger korn at chardonnay.math.bme.hu for pgp key. QOTD:
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