[Mailman-Users] dumpdb -- how to re-import?

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at West.Sun.COM
Wed Nov 1 20:23:08 CET 2000

> I have to use dumpdb to change the archive_directory and
> private_archive_file_dir settings.

No, you really don't; dumpdb is a dumper only.

config_list is an input/output tool, but doesn't include
those settings directly.

Sounds like you really want move_list:

"""Move a list to a new directory.

What this really does is just update the three archive list attributes
public_archive_file_dir, private_archive_file_dir, and archive_directory by
recalculating them based on the new Defaults.  It then saves the list.

    move_list [options] listname

        Print this help message and exit.

listname must be a valid mailing list name and is required.


> The GUI just doesn't let you change
> these. Anyway, once I've made my changes, how do I import the file *back*
> into the config.db?
> Thanks,
> js.
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