[Mailman-Users] Help !

Ravi Bhushan aravi at ptc.com
Thu Nov 2 13:17:25 CET 2000

Hello everyone,

Can some one tell me on how to handle the below error ?

When I use the web page for subscribing a list, it says it is
posting a confirmation mail to subscribe, but fails to deliver.

The log file in mailman/logs/smtp-failures states the below error.

Nov 02 14:56:59 2000 TrySMTPDelivery: To aravi at ptc.com:
Nov 02 14:56:59 2000 TrySMTPDelivery:    exceptions.TypeError  / connect
requires exactly 1 argument; 2 given  (dequeued)

Mail delivery from the Mailman Server is fine.

I'm using Mailman v.1.1 and python version 2.0.

Your valuable advice will be highly appreciated.

- Ravi

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