[Mailman-Users] Searchable archives

alex wetmore alex at phred.org
Thu Nov 2 17:43:30 CET 2000

On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Bob Puff at NLE wrote:
> How do you make the archives searchable?

There isn't an out of the box way to do this.  I rolled my own solution
using Windows 2000 Indexing Service and IIS (http://search.bikelist.org),
while others have come up with similar solutions that are based on
similar Unix packages.

> Also, I notice that in looking at the online archives, some
> message threads are grouped together, while some are not.  Why is
> this?  Sometimes they have the exact same subject line, and they
> are all listed as separate lines.

Some clients properly reply with a good references line and some


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