[Mailman-Users] replacing the hostname

Mike Richardson doctor at kira.mcc.ac.uk
Fri Nov 3 15:50:01 CET 2000


I'm running mailman 2.05b with exim 3.16. The machine's name is 
deprecate but all the lists (so far) use the host_name setting of
lists.man.ac.uk. This is a CNAME to deprecate.

Currently a message sent out from Mailman with have the machine's
actual hostname, deprecate, in the list address where it appears
in the mail, ie the To: field is list at deprecate... not list at lists.man.ac.uk

Same applies to admin mesasges ie From: mailman at deprecate...

The host_name setting is definitely 'lists.man.ac.uk' as is 
DEFAULT_HOST_NAME but I suspect this only applies to how the list
deals with incoming messages.

How can I get around this? What DNS, Mailman and/or exim changes
do I need?

I think I could use exim rewrite rules to just replace deprecate
with lists.man but I'd like the setting in host_name to be the one
which as the mail domain...


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