[Mailman-Users] Fix (I think) for duplicates problem

barry at wooz.org barry at wooz.org
Fri Nov 3 19:19:41 CET 2000

>>>>> "NK" == Neil K <NeilK at ActiveState.com> writes:

    NK> We figured out our problem, which I think is different from
    NK> what you are talking about.

Oh, whoops!  I missed this in my inbox.  Looks like you've largely
solved the problem, so ignore my last message.

    NK> - our aborted upgrade to mailman 2.0rc1 left behind a few
    NK> files.

I'd still /really/ like to know what problems you all had with rc1.
It's a release candidate, so if there are bugs, better to catch them
now than before 2.0 final goes out!

    NK> This was certainly a very bizarre interaction... I'm not sure
    NK> if a patch to mailman is appropriate.

Probably not.  Rolling back is a bad idea (and definitely


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