[Mailman-Users] odd errors with mailman

Barry A. Warsaw barry at wooz.org
Fri Nov 3 19:26:57 CET 2000

>>>>> "RH" == Rob Hunter <robh at uunet.co.za> writes:

    RH> I seem to have a few oddities with mailman atm. Basically, no
    RH> mail being posted is actually getting delivered by
    RH> qrunner. I've done a bit of debugging and found a few
    RH> oddities:

    RH> 1) the date of the lock files is out:

    | [root@] ~# date
    | Thu Nov  2 20:00:56 SAST 2000

    RH> -rw-rw-r-- 2 root mailman 62 Nov 3 05:54 qrunner.lock
    RH> -rw-rw-r-- 2 root mailman 62 Nov 3 05:54
    RH> qrunner.lock.snow.fingers.co.za.93164

    RH> as you can see the lock file had the wrong date.

That's to be expected.  LockFile modtimes are purposely set to some
point in the future as part of the lock-breaking algorithm.

    RH> 2) Looks like every single mail that's trying to be delivered
    RH> is getting "ignored":

That's basically telling you that smtplib is getting some lower level
exception when trying to talk to your MTA.  It's either getting a
socket.error or a generic smtplib.SMTPException.  logs/smtp should
have more information in it.

    RH> My deliveries would never run without me enabling/manually
    RH> running this cron. Qrunner currently won't complete. My MTA is
    RH> postfix, and postfix seems to be working perfectly. The box
    RH> does vdomains and valiasing and those all work fine, aswell as
    RH> some lists running with majordomo (been waiting to migrate
    RH> them to mailman).

It looks like there's some problem disconnecting from Postfix though.
You're getting the error on the connection's quit.  I haven't seen
that before though.  Check logs/smtp and see if there's any clues


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