[Mailman-Users] mailman: can't access the private archives of a list

W. Reilly Cooley wcooley at wirex.com
Fri Nov 3 23:01:03 CET 2000

On Fri, Nov 03, 2000 at 02:09:29PM +0100, Andrea Mennucci wrote:
> the only problem is that
> I have created a private list XYZ, with private archives, and
> the web page for XYZ reads 
> ----
>  About XYZ
>   To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit 
>   the XYZ Archives. The current archive is only available
>    to the list members. 
> ----
> but the link of the archive points to 
>  http://tonelli.sns.it/mailman/private/XYZ/
> which is non existent
> I have read all documentation and I cant find a way to fix it

Did you try sending a test message to the list?  You get the error you
mention before the first message is submitted, because the web archiver
hasn't run yet.  (I think)

W. Reilly Cooley, Esq.                 wcooley at wirex.com

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