[Mailman-Users] Symbolic link problem almost fixed..

Kole Dunn kole at metagency.com
Fri Nov 3 23:41:08 CET 2000

Hello list, Virginia,
I sent my problem to sendmail.org, and the kind person there had me 
run "ls -lL /etc/smrsh/wrapper"
and then emailed me the following message, can someone tell me what I 
should do from here? (/home/mailman/mail/wrapper is where it should 

>Output from ls -lL /etc/smrsh/wrapper:

>lrwxrwxrwx   1 mailman  mailman        21 Nov  2 15:43
>/etc/smrsh/wrapper -> /home/mailman/wrapper

Then there is your problem.  Apparently '/home/mailman/wrapper'
either does not exist, is inaccessible.  The command "ls -lL" should
follow the link, and list the filemode of the final file rather than
the filemode of the link.  It only lists the filemode of the link
because it cannot access the file itself.

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