[Mailman-Users] HTML support in v2.0beta6

Jean-Sebastien Morisset jsmoriss at jsm-mv.dyndns.org
Sun Nov 5 16:54:25 CET 2000

I switched to Mailman v2.0beta6 from Majordomo a few weeks ago. Everything
is working smoothly, except for one mailing list which sends out HTML

They show up fine on Outlook etc., but Mailman seems to change the
MIME/multipart encoding -- Mutt (and probably Pine too) shows 4 attachements
when there should be only two! i.e.:

  I     1 <no description>         [multipa/alternativ, 7bit, 3.3K] 
  I     2 ÃÄ><no description>    [text/plain, 7bit, us-ascii, 0.9K] 
  I     3 ÀÄ><no description>         [multipa/related, 7bit, 2.1K] 
  I     4   ÀÄ><no description>   [text/html, 7bit, us-ascii, 2.0K]

Attachements #1 and #3 shouldn't be there! The content of #1 is identical
to #2, but #3 looks a little suspicious. Here's the content of #3:

[-- Attachment #1 --]
[-- Type: text/html, Encoding: 7bit, Size: 2.0K --]

[-- text/html is unsupported  --]

The archiving doesn't work either. You can see a sample yourself at

Is this a known problem? I hope it's not a feature...

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