[Mailman-Developers] Re: [Mailman-Users] Problem with qrunner and too much incoming mail

Chuq Von Rospach chuqui at plaidworks.com
Mon Nov 6 08:39:37 CET 2000

At 11:23 PM -0800 11/5/00, J C Lawrence wrote:
>Agreed.  There's also the simple aspect of the fact that optimising
>for the very large case (which needs the MLM-sepcific MTA supports
>ala ListServ) is near on pessimal for the small and medium cases.
>Spiffy domain based routing and near-target explosion just don't
>make a whole lot of sense for lists with a few hundred/thousand
>members.  Asides from which, the optimisations for mail delivery to
>a massive number of targets and mass mail delivery to a
>comparitively constrained target set can be rather different.

Nope. This is a job for -- ta da -- an API with a plug in 
architecture. Don't try to solve the huge list probelm, but solve the 
90% problem (what works for the first 90% of the sites out there), 
and make it easy to plug in a different delivery beast so that other 
10% can simply write a new module and swap it in (and hopefully send 
it back to the mailman project...)

>We should really have lunch some time.  I'm currently working down
>off San Tomas and Saratoga (startup, oddly enough next door to
>BeOpen).  I'm wrapping up this contract this month and looking for
>next one, so time is a little tight here, but I'd love to get
>together for a chat.  You over at the main Apple campus?

Effectively, yes. I'm down by the data center, which is hidden a bit 
off campus.

>  > And for sites this *doesn't* solve, it's either because they're
>>  doing the 5 pounds in a 1 pound bag thing, or they probably need
>>  to start hiring people like us to custom build someething.

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