[Mailman-Users] linux secure problem

Tib tib at tigerknight.org
Wed Nov 8 02:50:33 CET 2000

On Tue, 7 Nov 2000, Dan Mick wrote:
> If you mean "how do I turn that feature of Mandrake off", I don't
> know; I don't run Mandrake, and this isn't a Mandrake list.

Darn, I was hoping on an off chance someone here would, since no one on the
Mandrake list apparently knows either :] posted there twice with the question
and gotten dead air. 

> Marc Merlin has contributed a patch program to allow Mailman to
> coexist with those restrictions; see contrib/securelinux_fix.py.

I looked in the contrib directory in the sourcepath I have for making mailman -
only found qmail-to-mailman.py. Also checked on ftp.gnu.org as high up as I
could go for a 'contrib' folder and under the mailman path. No luck :/ where do
I find this patch exactly? Thanks :]


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