[Mailman-Users] Performance for a Spam Cannon

Johnathan Vail vail at newts.org
Thu Nov 9 17:27:47 CET 2000

I am being asked to host a mailing list to send out weekly
announcements to 17,000 people (these are all user initiated
subscribers, not really spam.  sorry for the misleading subject). I am
currently running Mailman and Exim together and host a few lists of
probably less than 500 total subscribers.

My system is a Red Hat Linux 6.2 on a 233 MHZ machine, plenty of RAM
and a 390K iDSL connection.  Right now the list with a few hundred
subscribers isn't noticed at all in terms of loading or queue lengths.

I would like to schedule this to work in the early AM hours and if I
can deliver in about an hour or so I would be happy.  Does anyone have
any estimates or numebrs for comparison on what I can expect?



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