[Mailman-Users] member_posting_only=yes problem

Barry A. Warsaw barry at wooz.org
Thu Nov 9 17:48:35 CET 2000

>>>>> "CVR" == Chuq Von Rospach <chuqui at plaidworks.com> writes:

    CVR> well, at one level, I think what he's doing is wrong, but we
    CVR> won't get into that philosopical range war. But the basic
    CVR> issue is that he *isn't* a member of the list, since the From
    CVR> address isn't subscribed.

    CVR> Two solutions.

    CVR> 1) he subscribes both addresses to the list, and sets
    CVR> "nomail" flag to the one in his from address. he can do that
    CVR> without admin intervention, so that's what I usually
    CVR> recommend.

    CVR> 2) set his address as not needing admin overview -- that's an
    CVR> option on the privacy page of the admin page. that way,
    CVR> you're saying "this guy is okay" and it won't be held. which
    CVR> works as long as he really is okay, but that's an admin
    CVR> issue.. (grin)

The /real/ solution is to extend the notion of membership to a person
instead of an email address.  This is all dependant on the Real User
Database, but the quick sketch is that you'd be able to register
yourself with the site and associate a number of email addresses with
your name.  You could then do a lot of cool things like have different
addresses subscribed to different lists as the primary repicient, use
any of those addrs as `keys' to your account for login purposes,
easily switch delivery addresses (no more begging the list admin to
clone your address), and in this case, pass the membership test if any
of your addresses is in the From: field.

That's all pie-in-the-sky at the moment though.

A short term solution (i.e. Mailman 2.1) may be to add an option that
the list admin can turn on, which would add Reply-To: in the list of
fields to use for the membership test.  I'll add that to the TODO


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