[Mailman-Users] 2.0r1: admin pages don't gork passwords

Peter Apian-Bennewitz apian at ise.fhg.de
Thu Nov 9 15:20:54 CET 2000

Dan Mick wrote:

> > Since there're hardly any doc or log files, I checked the C-wrapper and found cgi.py :
> >
> >      # Logging support
> >      # ===============
> >
> >      logfile = ""            # Filename to log to, if not empty
> >      logfp = None
> >
> > which didn't write a byte, although it seems to be called.
> I don't understand; are you saying you changed this code somehow?  Clearly that code
> isn't going to write anything.

"Clearly" is an adjective that does not leap to mind with mailman's code....
I know it's not doing anything, however it was the only part where a hint oflogging or
code appeared (at least to me).
To restate: The problem is with the web admin interface. Maybe its mailman, maybe my
Apache config is missing somethign (it's not the symlink config)- Just how do I debug
mailman ?

> > Any hints how to debug this beast are GREATLY appreciated.
> When you say 2.0r1 do you mean 2.0rc1, or beta1?


> 2.0rc1 is the last tarball, and I believe auth was changed a lot between
> beta1 and now.

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