[Mailman-Developers] Re: [Mailman-Users] forever pending subscriptions

barry at wooz.org barry at wooz.org
Thu Nov 9 21:38:20 CET 2000

>>>>> "DS" == Dan Simoes <dans at audifans.com> writes:

    >>  Trying to come back to this problem.  It looks like Eric Wang
    >> is also seeing problems, so there must be /something/ going on.
    >> I can't figure out what though, so perhaps one of you guys can
    >> give me ssh access to the host in question?

    DS> I've also reported the same problems.  After much woe, I am
    DS> back at beta6, which seems to have fixed my web interface
    DS> problems and does not present the confirmation issue.

We tracked Andreas' problem down to the qrunner cron job not being
installed, a common problem for upgraders from what I've seen.  Please
first be absolutely sure this isn't your problem!  You can test this
by cd'ing into /home/mailman and running

    % python -S cron/qrunner

if that unclogs things, your cron isn't set up right.  If not, then
we'll need to look at things more closely.  To start with, you can
send me the output of "bin/dumpdb qfiles/whatever.db" and the
associated .msg file.  Also, look in the log files, especially
logs/error and see if there's anything relevant.

    DS> I would love to help, but at this point I have over 2000
    DS> pissed off users, and I can't risk another upgrade to test.  I
    DS> may do so in the future, but only if I have a solid way of
    DS> backing out.

Well, you may have to set up a test list in a different installation
until you're confident that 2.0rc1 works for you.

    DS> I am also strongly considering a return to majordomo.

I hope that won't be necessary, and I'm willing to help debug the


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