[Mailman-Users] Re: Mime in subject ... more=?us-ascii?Q?___=C4=C5=D6=E4=E5=F6?=

barry at wooz.org barry at wooz.org
Fri Nov 10 06:22:25 CET 2000

>>>>> "II" == I Ioannou <roryt at hol.gr> writes:

    >> If there is a specific problem, can someone point me at a mail
    >> archive that appears to be broken?  If you are looking at a
    >> particular

    | check 
    | http://lists.hellug.gr/pipermail/i18ngr/2000/date.html

    II> You will notice that the problem is only in the
    II> date/thread/subject etc index page, not in the message. The
    II> message has the <META http-equiv"Content-Type" ...> tag, so it
    II> is readable.

It certainly looks like there's at least two charsets in the subjects,
so it is expected that at least /some/ of those won't be displayed
properly.  However, given that I see no META tag in the source, it
could be there's a bug none of the charsets are used.

Maybe Jeremy can take a closer look.


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