[Mailman-Users] Online Archives are dead

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at West.Sun.COM
Fri Nov 10 07:27:16 CET 2000

> Hello,
> I just happened to be looking at my online archives tonight, and discovered 
that they suddenly stopped working sometime this past monday.
> I have several lists, and all seem to be working fine, including digests.  But 
when I look inside the /home/mailman/archives/private/(listname)/2000-November/ 
> directory, the last message is dated Nov 6, 00:33.  This isn't quite right!
> Another strangeness I see is that when I issue a LS command in that directory, 
-sometimes- I only see a few files - not the couple hundred that are in there.  
> [root at main 2000-November]# d
> ./           000297.html  000365.html  000433.html  000501.html  000569.html
> ../          000298.html  000366.html  000434.html  000502.html  000570.html
> 000202.html  000299.html  000367.html  000435.html  000503.html  000571.html
> 000232.html  000300.html  000368.html  000436.html  000504.html  000572.html
> 000233.html  000301.html  000369.html  000437.html  000505.html  000573.html
> 000234.html  000302.html  000370.html  000438.html  000506.html  000574.html
> 00m000566.html
> 000295.html  000363.html  000431.html  000499.html  000567.html
> 000296.html  000364.html  000432.html  000500.html  000568.html
> [root at main 2000-November]#  
> There really are files from 202-606, including the .html files.


That sounds like an OS bug to me...
> Also of note: inside /home/mailman/archives/private/(listname).mbox/ there is 
a rather large file that seems to be the accumulation of ALL messages from when 
I started the list up until the latest post.  Why is this, 

that's how it works.  You can rebuild the archive from that mbox.

> and when does it get deleted?  This could get really HUGE on an active list!

Yup, as could the archives themselves.  Mailman doesn't try to rotate
them for you.

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