[Mailman-Users] Resolved: Upgrade to 2.0rc2 destroyed some archives

Greg Connor gconnor at nekodojo.org
Sun Nov 12 09:21:28 CET 2000

Greg Connor wrote:
> After upgrading, some of my archives are now "corrupt" according to
> qrunner, and looks like additional messages are not being archived.
> This is the message from the error log that suggests archiving is not
> working.

OK, it looks like my initial analysis was not quite correct... the
"CORRUPT" message seems to have been spurious and archives were actually
working.  Details follow...

I restored my mailmail 1.1 directory from backup and performed the
upgrade to 2.0rc2 again.  This time, I got the same message suggesting
the archive was corrupted:
> Nov 11 23:23:10 2000 qrunner(10590):  OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/mailman/archives/private/poly-listowners.mbox/poly-listowners.mbox'
> Nov 11 23:23:10 2000 (10590) CORRUPT ARCHIVE FOR LIST: poly-listowners

But, it looks like the message was archived properly anyway.  According
to my mm_cfg.py setting "ARCHIVE_TO_MBOX = 0", the message was NOT
supposed to be added to the mbox file, but HyperArch.py still throws an
error that says "No such file or directory"  for the mbox file.  

This implies that the mbox file must exist, even if you don't plan to
add to it, but in my case, the only side effect is a spurious error
message (and the message is still archived to the hypermail archive
directory.)  I created the mbox file and confirmed that ARCHIVE_TO_MBOX
= 0 is still obeyed - nothing is added to the mbox file

I decided to change back to ARCHIVE_TO_MBOX = 2, so I would get mbox
files growing again, and this works too.  It now seems like the only
impact was the spurious message if we don't have mbox files and don't
intend to use them.

Regarding the previous error:
> Nov 11 17:18:34 2000 qrunner(5155):   File "/home/mailman/Mailman/Archiver/HyperArch.py", line 224,  in __init__
> Nov 11 17:18:34 2000 qrunner(5155):     self.cenc = string.lower(cenc)
> Nov 11 17:18:34 2000 qrunner(5155): TypeError: read-only character buffer, None

I tried the operation again with a proper "mbox" file, and the behavior
was correct.  I don't know what was wrong with the mbox file I made by
sticking the .txt files all together.  I now don't need to regenerate
the mbox files... the above error was only encountered in my attempt to
fix the first error message.  I would still like to know how to create
the mbox file again from the contents of the pipermail directory, but
since archives are working correctly there is not so much need for
this.  I would only need to regenerate the mbox file if I want to delete
some messages from the archive or something (or to have a second copy in
case pipermail gets corrupted.)

If anyone is interested in the details of what I did, I'm posting a log
of the second upgrade operation:

Greg Connor <gconnor at nekodojo.org>

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