[Mailman-Users] Previous problem with hard links

Tib tib at tigerknight.org
Mon Nov 13 12:43:41 CET 2000

Greetings Programs!

I've been futzing with Mailman and trying to get it to work for some time now
on this secure kernel, and think I may have stumbled upon something. If it's
not new, it's definitely new information to me and a solution I'd not heard of

I was getting errors of hard links being denied for quite a while and suddenly
they stopped. I went through everything I could think of and hit on it by
accident again a few test lists later. It's the archives. Public archives on a
system with a secure kernel will cause disaster for some reason. After all, if
I remember right (which I may be wrong, but hey - I've not had public archives
since the first test and not had problems since then either) the public
archives are just links to the actual files which are in the private area. 

Mailman has been working just fine now since I made the archives private -
which would make sense to me anyway, can only think of a few reasons why you'd
want a mailing list archive accessible to anyone but members anyway. One might
also try keeping the subscriber list private - I'm not sure on that one since
it's always been a private type setting for me, but hey - who knows. I'm not
gonna tinker anymore now that it runs and I don't want to have it crap out on

Just thought I'd share the knowledge I found that I'd not heard from anyone
before :] Take care!


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