[Mailman-Users] Q: Solution to autamatic adminstrate a bunch of new lists

L. Humbert humbert at hagen.de
Mon Nov 13 14:47:58 CET 2000


at our institution for teacher training we are going to give
mail-accounts to over 100 persons. 

We have to set up (pre-administrate) roughly 40 maillists for internal
communication and want to use Mailman.

Every person will be assigned to three maillists. We are thinking of
building the initial lists, every user should _automatic_ be subscribed.

The three lists differ from person to person.

So what's about the following solution: 
one entry in the passwd will consist the three lists, a user will
automatically subscribed to.

Now the questions: 
How to 
a) set up automatic (per python-script) all the lists,
b) get the users subscribing automatic to the right three lists.

This question deals with the problem of scripting Mailman. Please give
us some hints how to solve this problem.
We have to solve the problem in the next two months.

	Ludger Humbert

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