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Ray Frush frush at ale.ftc.agilent.com
Tue Nov 14 18:22:42 CET 2000

> I've slept on this one and I'm prepared to change things for 2.0 final
> so that if Reply-To munging is turned on, it'll override any existing
> Reply-To field in the original message.  The deciding factor for me
> was realizing how difficult it was to send private replies with
> munging turned on, so it might as well be equally difficult for every
> poster.

If Reply-to munging is enabled, I would expect that it would really
munge.  That is, if you turn on the feature, it will ALWAYS exhibit the
behaviour.  In the current version, Reply-To: munging appears broken
because it appears to work part of the time.

Count this as a vote to enable the much debated Reply-to munging that
will override any client (MUA) Reply-to settings.

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