[Mailman-Users] Re: Reverting question

John Block johnblock at storeshop.com
Tue Nov 14 17:48:05 CET 2000

Hello Chuq

Thank you for clearing up the TLAs.

> In general I'm against coercing Reply-To. Strongly.

Who is coercing? 

By just having the sender as a reply option, the software is stopping the
none technical from replying to the list. 

The more aware are caused irritation as they can't simply hit their "r"

If you can't reply publically easily, for a lot of people the motivations to
reply are removed. 

There is no name in print on the screen, no look how clever I am, no visible
penny in the help bank so i can get help in return

> But there are times when it's the right/necessary thing to do, so you 
> want that option. In general yous houldn't use it, but sometimes you 
> need it. 

In other words it should be a togglable feature. 

One classic case is a mailing list under NDA discussing a 
> beta software release, where all e-mail has to be logged and 
> evaluated,

That should be the case on any help list, so people can search archives
before needlessly bothering everyone else with something which has been
solved already.



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