[Mailman-Users] Announcing Mailman 2.0 release candidate 3

Barry A. Warsaw barry at digicool.com
Thu Nov 16 23:35:03 CET 2000

Mailman 2.0 release candidate 3 is now available from SourceForge at


www.list.org should be updated soon (I'm not going to bother the
gnu.org guys again until 2.0 final is released).

Excerpts from the NEWS file are given below.  This should quash the
few known 2.0rc2 buglets.  Of course the on-line documentation is
available at:


New goal for 2.0 final: Wed 22-Nov-2000


-------------------- snip snip --------------------
2.0 release candidate 3 (16-Nov-2000)

    - By popular demand, Reply-To: munging policy is now to always
      override any Reply-To: header in the original message, if
      reply_goes_to_list is set to "This list" or "Explicit Address"

    - bin/newlist given -q/--quiet flag instead of the <immediate>
      positional argument

    - Hopefully last fix to DEFAULT_URL not ending in a slash

    - 2.0rc2 buglets fixed:
        o newlist argument parsing
        o updating with unlocked lists
        o HyperArch.py traceback when there's no
          Content-Transfer-Encoding: header

    - SourceForge bugs fixed:
        122358 (qmail-to-mailman.py listname case folding)

    - SourceForge patches applied:
        102373 (qmail-to-mailman.py listname case folding)

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