[Mailman-Users] Large Messages and Delivery Delays

Burris, Keith kburris at graycary.com
Thu Nov 16 23:56:57 CET 2000

This morning a subscriber on one of our internal lists passed a message
that was roughly 4MB (PowerPoint presentation attached). Eventually the
message was delivered, but Mailman was blocked up for about 40 minutes.
There is an entry in the digest log at about the time the MTA handed the
message of to Mailman. The post log shows a corresponding entry about 40
minutes later. The smtp log shows the message being handed back to the
MTA about 10 seconds later.

I'm relatively new to Mailman and I can't say I've looked at the
internals at all, so I'm hoping for some help drawing an inference from
these facts. Is possible that the digest process is where the delay is
occurring? Are there any steps I can take (short of imposing a size
limit on messages) to alleviate this problem?

We are running 2b6 with Exim as the MTA, Linux 2.2.15 on a 266MHz PII
with 128MB RAM.

Thanks in advance!


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