[Mailman-Users] Subscription approval with 'discussion' type lists

Paiva, Armond R armond.r.paiva at intel.com
Fri Nov 17 02:11:40 CET 2000

I've noticed that when a list is set as a 'discussion' type list by setting
the 'Reply-to' list option to 'list' as apposed to 'sender', the 'reply-to'
entry on the subscription confirmation email is changed to the list address
instead of the list-request address.  And therefor, when the subscribing
user replies to the confirmation it gets ignored by the list (not bounced
back), and their subscription is never confirmed.

For example say we create a list called 'test' and our domain is
mailman.com.  If the 'Reply-to' option for the 'test' list is set to
'sender' then when a user subscribes, the reply-to entry on the confirmation
email will be set to 'test-request at mailman.com'.  And, the user can simply
reply and the confirmation will go through.  However, If the 'Reply-to'
option of the list is set to 'list' then the 'reply-to' entry on the
confirmation will be 'test at mailman.com' and replying will not work.

We are using version 2.0beta6.  
Does anybody have a work around for this?


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