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George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at min.net
Fri Nov 17 19:24:39 CET 2000


If they use procmail as the Mail Delivery Agent, you might find this
recipe useful: http://www.min.net/~gdinwiddie/programming/rc.forward
It allows procmail to do virtual address forwarding.

 - George

> Edgar Leon said:
> I have an account on Hostway.com.  They limit a mail alias to only 4 entries.
> They have a graphical interface with only 4 fields and tech support says that
> there is no way around it.  They recommend Mailman if you want to create an alias 
> with more than 4 entries.  I am using use Mailman as an alias rather than
> a list.  I don't want the users to subscribe or unsubscribe to this
> list.

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