[Mailman-Users] interface mailman list passwords python cgi

Andy Heath andyheath2 at lineone.net
Sat Nov 18 09:53:06 CET 2000

I don't know whether I should send this to mailman users or developers
so apologies if not appropriate.

I need to write some cgi applications with python that
interface to mailman 1.0 email id's and passwords -
access only to list members, that sort of thing.

I'd appreciate advice on how to go about this.
I find some "config.db" files which obviously is
some sort of database containing the info.  Is
there some easy way I can get into this info ?

Later I will need to move the solution to working with
mailman 2.0

All advice welcome

Andy Heath    Home:+44 (0)114 2885738   a.k.heath at shu.ac.uk

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