[Mailman-Users] Huge duplication of posts

Shane Wegner shane at cm.nu
Mon Nov 20 22:25:05 CET 2000


I just ran into a rather large problem with mailman and am
hoping someone can give me a clue as to why it happened and
how to prevent it in the future.  I setup a newsgroup to
mailing list gateway about two months back and everything
worked fine.  However, today mailman reposted everything on
the nntp server to the list all over again.  Over 3000
messages were posted in a single run.  I don't think dialup
users are gonna be impressed.  Does mailman not check the
message ids to ensure that posts aren't posted again?

Is this a mailman feature or something with the NNTP
server.  The NNTP server is out of my control and is a
large ISP.  If I can provide any logs to help I would be
happy to do so.


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