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Mike Diehn mdiehn at vicinity.com
Tue Nov 21 17:02:16 CET 2000


> Date: 2000-Nov-21 07:50
> By: bwarsaw
> Comment:

> You don't mention which MTA you're using, but since you're on
> Solaris, I'm guessing it's sendmail.  One of the most important
> things to do is to turn off name resolution for messages coming
> from the local host.  See the FAQ for details.  That's probably
> why it's taking so long to deliver messages.

Using Postfix.  I'll check the FAQ regarding name resolution

> As for the memory usage, no I definitely haven't seen that.  On
> python.org, qrunner may grow to 2MB but that's after running
> for several minutes (which is normal because it's delivering a
> lot of mail).

We're seeing it regularly grow to 60 or 70 MB.  Without much in
the queue.

> Finally, the bug tracking system isn't the right place to ask
> for help.  I would suggest sending a message to
> mailman-users at python.org and trying to get more help there.  If
> a real bug is uncovered, then it can be placed into the bug
> tracking system.

Sorry about asking for help in the Bug system.  I'm on the lists
now and I'll do the right thing in the future.  I know better.  I
just had a long brain fart.

Apologies and thanks,

* noreply at sourceforge.net (noreply at sourceforge.net) [11 21, 2000 10:55]:
> Bug #122672, was updated on 2000-Nov-17 00:47
> Here is a current snapshot of the bug.
> Project: Mailman
> Category: mail delivery
> Status: Closed
> Resolution: None
> Bug Group: More Information Needed
> Priority: 5
> Summary: qrunner consuming much memory
> Details: Having performance problems.
> Running Mailman 2.0rc3 and Python 2.0 on Solaris 2.5.1.  This is an old system, a sun4u, UltraSPARC 167Mhz, 256 MB RAM.
> Mail to a Mailman list can take up to five or six hours to deliver (rarely that long, but 30 minutes is common).  Mail to local users, bypassing Mailman, finishes in the 1 to 5
> second range.
> I found that qrunner runs for about 2-7 minutes each time
> it starts.  By the time it quits, it's grown to between 65 and 90 MB in memory.  I made the cronjob run every five minutes instead of every minute, and that eliminated the "can't get qrunner lock" message in logs/error, but didn't help the performance.
> There are never many files in ~mailman/qfiles.  At present, there are two .msg and .db files.  qrunner just started about 30 seconds ago and it's already up to 47 MB.
> Is this much memeory usage normal?
> By the way, I feel like a heel asking for help on the bug tracking system.  Is there a better place for me to be posting my questions?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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