[Mailman-Users] Huge duplication of posts

Barry A. Warsaw barry at digicool.com
Tue Nov 21 17:17:12 CET 2000

>>>>> "SW" == Shane Wegner <shane at cm.nu> writes:

    SW> Does mailman not check the message ids to ensure that posts
    SW> aren't posted again?

No, Mailman only checks the article numbers coming from the nntpd.  If
you switch ISPs or they suddenly renumber all their articles, you can
potentially get resends.  This will happen if the article numbers are
higher than the current high-water mark.  If they're lower for some
reason, you'll just stop getting messages until you reach the hwm.

It'd be nice if they told you this, eh?  If they warn you, you can go
into the News/Mail gateway section of the admin pages and click on
`catchup', which resets the hwm to the last article number on the

There's another thing that happens occasionally, and there's little
you can do about this.  Sometimes, someone upstream will start to
repost messages to the newsgroup.  It's hard to tell immediately that
this is happening, but you can check headers like Path: to see if
things look weird.  This happens about every 6 months or so on
comp.lang.python and about all you can do is track down the offender
and complain bitterly.


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