[Mailman-Users] misuse of your program

darc at bconnex.net darc at bconnex.net
Thu Nov 23 03:12:14 CET 2000

Hello, I am hoping you can help me.

A group or company calling themselves beta at lists.betaonline.com

has set up a listserver, inserted many dozens of email adresses, and is
sending out mailings to all on the list.  They are not answering dozens of
emails sent by different people asking them to please stop. People, like
myself who have never subscribed to this list are being bombarded with
emails.   The end result is a host of extremly angry people who will
remember the mail program that annoyed us so much.  Is there anything you
can do to get them to fix this problem?  Their Unsub address does not work,
nothing seems to work.  Thank you!


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