[Mailman-Users] Indexing Mailman's private archives with htdig

Eric Berthiaume eric.berthiaume at up2.com
Fri Nov 24 21:14:31 CET 2000

I've read a couple of posts regarding this topic but nothing as given me the
full answer.

Solaris 2.6
Mailman 2.0beta5
htdig 3.1.5

I have a couple of sites that contain Mailman public archives and they work
great with htdig search engine.

The problem is indexing the private archives of mailman.

I don't know where to give htdig, in the configs, the authentification
mailman requires.

The site is also protected by apache authentification but I've managed to
give him the info he needs but I end up indexing the authentification page
of the mailman private archives.

Not the result I want.

I'v tried to give a "local_urls" config to the "start_url" but with the same

Also tried the dummy index.html file trick with the list of my local
directories but it didn't work.

Note that I have two htsearchs, two databases and two config files.

Any body got further using the same configs ??

Yes I know I could study the source code of Mailman to find the
authentification method but I really have no time for this (plus I don't
know Python at all ;) ).


Eric Berthiaume
system administrator, up2 technologies inc.
maverick at up2.com

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