[Mailman-Users] Attachments?

Johnny Fuerst johnny at cathat.net
Sat Nov 25 19:14:34 CET 2000

On Sat, Nov 25, 2000 at 12:52:47PM -0500, Gary Wilson wrote:
> Is there any way to block attachments? Someone's computer got one of those
> *!& Microsoft viruses that sends itself to everyone in the address book,
> including one of our lists. Now everyone on the list got the %$#@ MS virus.
> Can I block attachments altogether? I can't find any setting for this?

Possibly in the Spam settings of the Privacy Settings of the Admin cgi...

You can probably use this box, which is within the 'Privacy Ootions' to
hold e-mails that come with certain headers that indicate an attachment.

# Lines that *start* with a '#' are comments.
to: friend at public.com
message-id: relay.comanche.denmark.eu
from: list at listme.com
from: .*@uplinkpro.com

Maybe putting something like this in that field:

# Lines that *start* with a '#' are comments.
Content-Type: multipart/mixed


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