[Mailman-Users] What is with all this password stuff?

Massimiliano Lehmann lehmann at lsd.it
Sat Nov 25 23:37:28 CET 2000

At 20:39 11/16/00 -0800, Chuq VOn Rospach wrote:
>At 9:55 PM -0500 11/16/00, Owen Taylor wrote:
>>  - Users should have one password per site, not per list
>very high on my list of future features -- but requires rebuilding the 
>entire backend of mailman from scratch to do right.

Very needed feature! :))

I'm programming an application in PHP/MySQL that interfaces
with Mailman (a user's data db, with user authentication and rights
to modify some data on "per-user" basis).
Would be VERY nice to have an unique login/password instead
of the current e-mail/password couple.
So any user could change its subscription addresses without changing
his login name.

Ciao a tutti

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