[Mailman-Users] Installation Problem? - RH5.2/Python1.6/Mailman2.0 - Internal Server error

Scott Brown scott-brown at home.com
Mon Nov 27 05:56:03 CET 2000

I've run into a problem installing the release Mailman 2.0 on my rented
server "down south".

It's a RH 5.2 system, which I've just upgraded to Python 1.6 as the default
python.  Apache v.1.3.4 is running as nobody/nobody.

I've added the

	 ScriptAlias /mailman/ /home/mailman/cgi-bin/

(and the pipermail) and restarted the server.

Upon referencing the /www.somehost.com/mailman/listinfo page, I get an error
500, internal server error.

The system runs a CGI wrapper program which forces the user/group to the
appropriate values for the host it's working with... which I believe is the
problem here. in my cgi.log file I'm getting

[23:32:53 26-11-100]: uid: (nexus-iservices/nexus-iservices) gid:
(nexus-iservicesgrp/nexus-iservicesgrp) listinfo
[23:32:53 26-11-100]: command not in docroot

This is a semi-managed server - and I'm not sure of all the bells and
whistles they've thrown on this ... but until now, this cgi-wrapper has been
useful, and hidden behind the scenes.  Now it's just causing me problems.

How do I get around the wrapper and enable mailmain webpage functionality
for each of my virtual domains??

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