[Mailman-Users] How to put member address into the footer?

Fernando Maior fmaior at etica.net
Mon Nov 27 22:33:52 CET 2000


I just installed my little list and I am at configuring by now.

I changed, using the "Regular-member (non-digest) Option" the contents 
of the footer, so it is like:

%(real_name)s mailing list

You subscribed to this list using e-mail address:

To cancel or change your subscription, visit us at:

or send an e-mail with the word, "unsubscribe" (no quotes!), 
to address %(real_name)s@%(host_name)s.
You see, I try a number of strings in place of ????????. For example,
%(addr)s, %(useraddr)s, %(username)s, %(user)s etc

I just want to know what is the Mailman field one must use in order to 
get the canonical e-mail address of the member in place of the 
%(?????????)s string.

Many thanks!

Fernando Maior
Linux Training

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