[Mailman-Users] URL missing /mailman/ part

Serge Plüss spluess at creative.net
Tue Nov 28 15:10:22 CET 2000

Hi there

I have just completed installing mailman including all the adjustments to 
apache and sendmail. I created a new list and in the email I got sent back 
the URL's where missing the /mailman/ part. Instead the URL would say:


which would fail with 404.

Here is what I added to httpd.conf

Alias /pipermail/ "/home/mailman/archives/public/"
ScriptAlias /mailman/ "/home/mailman/cgi-bin/"

Doesn't that second entry mean that the URL should look something like


If I type that in I get to the correct page, but on subsequent clicks it 
will generate the invalid path again.
So far I couldn't find where the paths for the html codes and for 
generating the list email (which includes the path) get defined.

Thanks for your help


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