[Mailman-Users] changing domain name

Darron Froese darron at javelindigital.com
Wed Nov 29 01:12:31 CET 2000

On 11/28/00 4:16 PM, "David" <david at kenpro.com.au> wrote:

> Mailman uses the qualified host name as the URL for mail and www. Is there
> any way that I can change that to a different (valid) domain for this
> machine?
> eg:     
> test at fast.kenpro.com.au
> becomes test at validdomainname.com.au
> http://fast.kenpro.com.au/mailman/admin/test
> becomes    http://www.validdomainname.com.au/mailman/admin/test


It's fairly simple.

1. You seem to have to have an A record for the domain in question that
points to the same IP address. A CNAME doesn't appear to work. When I was
working on this (on Monday for most of the day) - some mail servers would
report the actual domain name of the machine when I wanted them to use the
modified domain name for the list. (Other mail servers would report the name
that I wanted it to report.) An A record *instead* of a CNAME solved the
problem on multiple mail servers that I had access to.

2. At the bottom of the general options page in the administrative section
of the list there are two fields where you can set the "Hostname this list
prefers" and the "Base URL for Mailman web interface". These addresses are
used in all of the emails that are sent out from the mailing list.

NOTE: This is what I found out - if there's an easier way send it on over.
This has been my first *working* Mailman install ever.

Hope this helps.
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