[Mailman-Users] Reason found for non-archiving with mailman 2.0 Final?

Kent Howard kent at tensa.com
Wed Nov 29 07:00:15 CET 2000

I'm running 2.0 with QMail and archiving works fine.  What do
your .qmail files for the list addresses look like?

- Kent

On Wed, Nov 29, 2000 at 05:46:23AM +0100, Steffen Bardolatzi wrote:
| As I have mentioned Mailman 2.0 does *not* archive *any* message and *even*
| doesn´t store it in ../list/mbox - this does *not* seem to be an upgrading
| issue for it occurs with a completely new install, too.
| The only suitable error message I have posted to this list (if it affects
| this but, nevertheless it has to so the Archive.py).
| Our Mailserver is QMail - these messages posted to the pgp-developers and
| the one to pgp-users were not shown in the archive at all.
| Of course I user 8-Bit and iso-8895-1.
| For I can´t afford a further "uptime" with 0% idle due to bugs in Mailman
| Beta6 I urgently had to upgrade to 2.0 Final but can´t to do so because the
| archiver doesn´t work.
| Also a privately sent corrected Python-script or how to solve the problem
| *really* would help (though it would be better if the list gets the
| information, too).
| Unfortunately, I´m not that goot at Python.
| In this context: does mailman-pipermail "knows" how to show umlauts in the
| html-archive-texts (body plus subject).
| Thanks in advance,
| 		Steffen

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