[Mailman-Users] Re: broadcast only

Tanner Lovelace lovelace at wayfarer.org
Wed Nov 29 07:55:16 CET 2000

Darron Froese wrote:

> On 11/28/00 6:53 PM, "David" <david at kenpro.com.au> wrote:
>>> 1. Turn off the archiving feature.
>>> 2. Make *only* the list administrators be able to post to the list - making
>>> it essentially a broadcast only list.
>>> These can be done from within the administration interface.
>> Are you referring to the "privacy" section? or is there somewhere else?
> You betcha. I don't know of another place other than in the privacy section.
>> As far as I can see, you can only force admin. approval, which means you
>> could easily finish up with a lot of bogus posts to reject. Is there any
>> way to bounce non-admin. posts completely? I cant see one.
> Yes that is correct. I *don't* know of a way to reject any non-admin posts
> right out of hand. That's the only solution that I can find in the web admin
> and from searching the list archives manually.
> It's a bit of a pain in the ass for "broadcast only" lists.
This may not be the most elegant method, but why don't you try disabling 
the posting
alias.  You could change the posting alias to be something like 
listname-private at ...
You might need to uncheck the box that says to make sure the list 
address is in the "To:"
or "CC:" headers.  You might also want to always post to it using BCC: 
so that the
private address isn't accidentally made public.

Using this method, if someone tried to send a message to listname at ... it 
would automatically
bounce because there wouldn't be any alias setup for it.  I realize, 
however, that this is security
through obscurity which isn't the best choice, but it would probably 
work for most casual

Tanner Lovelace

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